Saturday, May 1, 2010

Changes to the Lineup

I have made some changes to the set of games that I will be running at Larrycon. Do You Worship Chtulhu is still on the table, I just need to do some work on it to make the social rules work the way I want them to. The game will be a beta run of the social rules so I'll be depending on feedback from all of you.

Tunnels and Trolls will still be run, but I'll be running a module rather than an original dungeon. I just don't have the time to make one from scratch and assure that the other games get done. The game is open to anyone who wants to play and there is no upper end. It could easily accomodate (and kill) up to 10 players with just a little tweaking on my part.

I will be running two sessions of Awesome Adventures rather than a Savage Worlds game. Awesome Adventures is a game based on the Award Winning FATE rules. It is fast paced, open eneded, and over the top fun. I am looking to run two different adventures in a pulp-era setting. Punching Nazis is really satisfying so I'll work some of that in.

At Larry's request I will also have a D&D 4e mod that I have written ready to run if there is time. I will have pregenerated 1st level characters for it, but if you have a favorite character in the 1-4 level range, bring it.

I am really looking forward to playing with all of you.

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