Sunday, September 12, 2010

AWESOME ... It will happen again!!

Hey ... 

I'm thinking about continuing to use this space over the next 10 or so months to brain storm ideas for next LARRYCON!

First off ... the dates ... I'm thinking mid July ... maybe the 15th through the 17th??

I am thinking of running a 3D (hirst arts) classic dungeon crawl perhaps ... or maybe a fate mod up. My hope is this year we have a few more folks from out of town and a few more folks from in our area. Maybe we can get 30 people or so.

I'm thinking of using the library for perhaps the Saturday gaming festivities ... if we have critical mass that is and I don't get hit by a bus between now and then :)

This year I'd like to do a scheduled Friday eve slot and perhaps a breakfast at a local restaurant or something on the way over to the library.  I liked the Saturday BBQ party game component ... so perhaps we can do that again after the library (we'd have the library from 10 AM to 5 PM).

It seems like the serious deeper RP stuff would likely work better on Friday. So perhaps this time around we can even do something on Thursday eve and then do indie stuff on Friday during the day through the evening. Then do more light hearted fun stuff on Sat (board games, 4e, etc. etc.) and then just do zanny, pure fun stuff on Sunday (the 3D dungeon, really lite stuff, lite board games, party games, etc. ... as by Sunday everyone starts to get punchy).

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