Friday, June 10, 2011

GAMING WOOT! LARRYCON II is just around the corner!!

Disturbingly awesome times ahead!! LARRYCON II!! BRACE FOR IMPACT!!


  1. Ok so I'm for sure going to program a Saturday morning breakfast/extended play session at a local restaurant (I should have the venue confirmed this coming week). We'll be doing a BBQ (bring yer own meats and/or veggies) on Saturday afternoon. I'm thinking we do a morning slot from say 9 to 3 and just let the group that is playing the game decide lunch, etc. I figure we can do some nonchalant stuff on Friday night (beer and cigars and I'll get a fire going in the fire pit ... smores anyone?) maybe just a BS lite board game type night ... maybe some Munchhausen ... but even that might be a bit heavy for us. Everyone will probably be eager to just BS and hang out.

    Sat morn ... wake up ... hit the restaurant ... have some breakfast and game on through lunch and just eat both meals there. Head home around 3 and I can start to prep stuff for the BBQ ... have people show up around 5. Get the BBQ on and then maybe fire up games for that night around 7 to 8ish. Sunday wake up game ... carpool up to Subway for lunch (come on its a con tradition). come back maybe fire up a board game in the later afternoon ... do dinner around 5 to 6ish ... then fire up the last games of the con that night?

  2. Overall I'm looking at running two slots of gaming a day and hoping for perhaps two different games (or more) per game slot. So on Saturday from 9 AM - 3 PM, and then 7 PM-whenever and Sunday 9 AM - 3 PM, and then 7 PM. With at least four and probably seven coming up from Vegas I'm hoping we can break that group up into two and add some people from our crew up here into the mix ... that gives us at least 2 groups for games and maybe 3 if more than just one or two people show up for gaming each slot.

    I put out the call for what folks up here might want to run ... so far possibly a session or so of Dragon Age ... possibly a very distinct Hunter game that James has been talking about for years. Maybe a one shot of apocalypse world and if Rustin is in town that weekend who knows.