Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakdown on the time slots:

Breakdown on the time slots: 

Friday Evening -- Tunnels and Trolls or Do you worship Cthulhu ...

Saturday 9 AM to 12 (lunch) ... 1 to 4 (all one time slot)
Saturday 6 PM to whenever

Sunday 9 AM to 12 (lunch) ... 1 to 4 (all one time slot)
Sunday 6 PM to whenever

In essence we have five slots to fill ... my hope is we can do two sessions on a few of the slots. But that means we'll need 2 to 4 more people to attend than we have confirmed at this point.

I will run Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd ... IF ... we need it ... I could also run a Necessary Evil/Savage Supers game ... again if we need it. At this point I believe we have a lot more games that are lined up than we have players for ... so I'll keep my stuff available in the event we need a 3rd session in a game ... which could happen if everyone in the gaming group showed up. Our best case attendance is about 14 people  ... our worst case would be 6.

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