Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LARRYCON MENU (for those guests that will be staying at Casa De LOE)

Menu -

For those folks coming in from out of town (and staying at my place) ... I'm doing up a menu for the standard meals. We are going to be running this con style with gaming in time slots then a break time. We really won't have huge amounts of time to go run and get food, etc. for the locals that might be the best option though ... grab some fast food ... pizza or whatever. We will be doing at least one Subway run during the con (inside joke). Anyway here goes:

Breakfast will consist of eggs, toast, coffee ... if people would like fresh fruit, oat meal, pancakes and/or waffles as well.

Lunch selections:

Rotini Pasta Salad -- Rotini Pasta, Black Olives (or Kalamata), Olive Oil, Parmesan cheese, Balsamic Vinegar,  Tomatoes, Spinach, Fresh Cilantro, Fresh Parsley, various spices. 

Vegetarian Chili -- Essentially standard LOE chili (secret recipe) with no meat, just beans and chili mix spices with onions, peppers, etc.

Various fresh bread and side items with each meal.

For dinners we can do a vegetarian spaghetti night as well as probably a fish/seafood night ... but I'll need more feedback on that and what I'll probably do for the fish night is take the out of towners up to the local market where you guys can select your own delectable items for the evening grilling (that should take care of Sat and Sun). Friday evening I'm hoping to do kind of a Pot-Luck type deal with the grill going ... we'll probably do some veg-kabobs, salads, etc.

You guys will have access to the kitchen as well and can feel free to buy whatever you'd like to make for yourselves as well, I have a second full sized fridge in the garage so there will be plenty of room for extra booze and food. So if you want to cook up some complimentary vegi items (or for Jason cheap frozen meat laden items) ... feel free ... but I'll provide enough food to sustain you though the weekend minus snacks, etc. for that you'll want to grab stuff at the store (and of course for that we can do as many store runs as you guys need)

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