Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Games I am planning on running

My name is Scott.
I am one of Larry's friends from Las Vegas and I will be attending Larrycon 1 with all of you. I have been planning to run some games there to introduce y'all to a few different things. A couple of the games will also be playtests that I'll need your feedback on.

Tunnels and Trolls: The Dungeon of Excess - This is old-school meat grinder gaming at it's best. T&T is a simple system with great open-ended mechanics. The Dungeon of Excess awaits any who want to plumb the unfathomable depths. Can you survive the dreaded Ball Lightning?

Do You Worship Cthulhu? - DYWC is a Lovecraftian take on the classic child's game of Mafia. You play a resident of a small town where murderous worshippers of the Old Ones have set up shop. One by one they slay your comrades driving you into a hysterical state of paranoia. Each morning someone is murdered and each night, the townsfolk lynch one of their own in a effort to find the killer. I have written some social roles for the game in an effort to bring some role-playing elements and to eliminate the stalling that can happen when there is no clear suspect to accuse.

Savage Worlds: The Incident at Station 11 - The Federation lost contact with the scientists at Station 11 on the planet Gareth several months ago. Your crew was sent to check things out and find out what happened and if everything is okay. It probably isn't okay. In fact, what happened there probably can't be imagined in your worst nightmares.

If you have any interest in any of these, please let me know. I look forward to meeting and playing with you all.


  1. Sounds awesome. So far it sounds like we have Action Castle that I'm suggesting we pair with the Cthulhu game ... as people are eliminated in Cthulhu they can flow into the Action Castle game. Also I'll just re-post Rustin's comment from the Wasatch board:

    "How about some Shab-al-hiri Roach??
    Not sure how wacky people will feel at 9am, though. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to run Poison'd Which style of game do you think the group would prefer? Pulpy, action packed, Funny horror, violent pirating . . ." Any preference? Just chime in on what you guys prefer and I'll ask Rustin to run that.

    Also we have the possibility of other Savage worlds offerings: Deadlands, Star Wars Saga edition, etc. I would be willing to run either a SW Necessary Evil game or WHFRP 3E game ... again time permitting. Looking like perhaps Sunday evening might be the best for whatever I'm going to run. Do you have a preference Scott on your times? I'm thinking that the big Cthulhu game/Action Castle ... we run on Friday eve after dinner. Maybe T&T for Saturday eve? and The Incident at Station 11 Saturday morning? That would allow you to play in Rustin's Sunday morning game and my game.

  2. then you could run 4E Sunday eve perhaps. I don't need to run anything this time around. That will also leave room for Kyle and James to run some stuff if they'd like. This way you can get some feedback from random people on your games and Rob and Jason can try out some other games run by different GMs.

  3. I am thinking about running the Incident at Station 11 as a Dread game rather than Savage. I don't now if I'll have the time to prep a full SW game with maps and minis and all.